Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles serve as an orientation and a standard for our daily action, for the employment of new staff, for the choice and development of new projects and the quality admisnistration of our work.

Who we are

The RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is an independent provider and part of a nation-wide network of regional agencies. The RAA works politically as well as denominationally independently. We support the development of a democratic culture at schools, in youth work and in the community. Since the foundation of the association in 1999 all our staff have committed themselves to this joint work with their various personal and professional backgrounds.

What motivates us
We see democracy as a form of life and society, in which the balance between self-determined development of the individual and his/her responsibility for the community has to be sought and realized on a daily basis.
In this process we see the participation in social life through the integration of all citizens, social as well as cultural groups as an essential factor. Our standard is the observance of human rights and human dignity.
Education facilitates participation and participation facilitates education. That’s why we think the development and realization of a democratic culture indispensable at educational institutions such as schools and nursery schools.
We commit ourselves to a social climate without fears, harassment and discrimination. We make a deliberate stand against misanthropy, racism, violence and anti-Semitism.

Who we are there for

Our offers aim at indivuduals as well as schools and other educational institutions and at associations, organizations, action groups, municipal councils and public authorities. With our work we are there for

  • citizens who take on repsonsibilty for a democratic community,
  • people who dedicate themselves professionally to the education and the attendance of young people,
  • people who need assistance because of their structral, social or personal exclusion and discrimination,
  • children and adolescents

What we can provide
The RAA works on a nation-wide scale as an innovation and support agency. In cooperation with foundations and public administrations we initiate, advise and accompany projects and development processes, which

  • aim at intercultural and democratic learning and acting,
  • create communal education landscapes
  • are carried out in local and cross-regional networks
  • draft action strategies against right-wing extremism and misanthropy and for civil courage
  • strengthen participation, moral courage and promote responsbility, individual initiative and self-efficacy.

In our own projects we develop new approaches to work, methods and best practice.
We support young people and adults, voluntary staff and professionals through further education and training as well as the development and distribution of information and working materials.

Our special competence
The RAA Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is regionally anchored and cross-regionally networked. Our work is brought to life by a close cooperation with partners from private as well as public spheres, especially with universities, foundations and the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
We are able to quickly and precisely face challenges of social development through profound concepts and high professionalism.
The RAA has many years of extensive experience in the fields of education and counselling as well as in the implementation and administration of programmes and projects.
We are especially available for schools as an independent and competent partner in the process of school development.
Our practice stands out due to thematic and methodical innovations.